KatapyTV is the most dynamic and powerful Instant Video Channel Platform for Web, Mobile, and OTT

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How It Works

Upload Your Own Videos

Drag & drop your content or batch import content and metadata (MRSS, SFTP, CLOUD STORAGE)

Curate & Customize

Curate your content and customize the user experience of your channel for web, mobile, and OTT

Simple Access from Any Device

KatapyTV fully automates the publishing and delivery of your video content globally

Advanced Viewership Analytics

Get comprehensive insights of your viewership, including:

  • Total viewers, hours watched, videos watched, current viewers
  • See where your audience is with our world view
  • See your top viewed videos, galleries or series

KatapyTV Page Builder

Simply drag and drop your content once, no programing needed, and your content is viewable by your audience.

Go live instantly, whenever you want. Schedule your services and your audience will see upcoming services instantly.

Owner Operated Networks

Think ClixTV, Netflix, RokuTV etc and simplify it!

Create your own network like KatapyTV with infinite sub-channels, and automatically brand each sub-channel.

If your news network wants to syndicate, share, and build a global network of thousands of content contributors, all sharing content, growing a global network of live, VOD, and live linear broadcasts, we have you covered.

KatapyTV currently runs thousands of channels as part of its customer base on a global basis, all automated, all returning $’s to the network owners via subscriptions, PPV and/or advertising.

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Where To Watch

$0/month *

  • Instant video channel with your own logo
  • HD video streaming
  • UNLIMITED viewers
  • UNLIMITED transcoding
  • KatapyTV Page Builder
  • Embed widgets into your existing website
  • Cross-platform subscriber management
  • Video paywall
  • Watch on katapy.tv
  • Available on Roku
  • Available on iOS
  • Available on Android
  • Available on Fire TV
  • Coming soon to Apple TV
$0/month *

  • Basic plus
  • Your own web domain
  • HD live streaming and event scheduling
  • Automatic or manual DVR of live events
  • Each live event can be secured with private access
  • Send push notifications via Chrome desktop, iOS and Android apps
  • Advanced viewership analytics
  • Financial analytics
  • MRSS feeds
$6,500/month *
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  • Professional plus
  • MRSS batch import
  • HD live linear streaming
  • 24/7 program scheduling
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Ad-based monetization
  • Custom branded and themed managed channels and apps on Roku, iOS, Android, Fire TV, and soon Apple TV — we provide regular code updates for fixes and enhancements
Starting At
$9,500/month *
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  • Enterprise plus
  • Third-party syndication
  • Cloud sub-clipping
  • Rebroadcasting with SCTE35 marker mapping for hyper-local SSAI
  • EPG to VOD automation of asset creation and publication
  • Advanced SEO
  • Bring your own CDN
  • Custom subscription plans, coupon and trial management across platforms
  • Options for multiple libraries, live channels and live linear channels